Our decisions
shape our destiny.
Make the right ones.

Our decisions shape our destiny. Make the right ones.

Think before you decide. In an increasingly complex world of ideas, counter-ideas, opinions, disinformation and personal agendas, making a carefully considered decision has never been more important.

We at E+H help our clients connect the dots, wade through perilous waters and find their feet on solid, empirical ground.

Working hand-in-hand with your C-suite, our senior counsels offer honest and strategic advice informed by substantiated insights that will undoubtedly empower you to make the most informed decisions going forward.

In today’s environment of increasing geopolitical uncertainty, a rapidly changing media landscape and unprecedented levels of polarisation fuelled by global agenda driven digital disinformation campaigns, leaders across the world face a thorny road ahead.

Our experienced consultants, who have advised ministers, ambassadors and C-suite executives across the world, are committed to delivering professional advice that provides long-term benefits and safeguards clients against future potential issues and crises.

E+H creatively helps leaders to efficiently communicate with their target audiences and strategically position themselves in the market by means of careful research and in accordance with their long-term objectives. 

Today’s leaders are held to an elevated standard, particularly with the advent of social media and evolving expectations. Leaders are now expected to be both accessible and accountable at all times. However, not all leaders possess the skills required to present themselves publicly.

At E+H, we provide coaching to help leaders communicate effectively with the public. We offer tailored programs to guide them through scenarios and difficult conversations, as well as training in presentation skills for interacting with the media, B2B clients, consumers and the general public. Additionally, we prepare executives for crisis communication and mitigation.

Today’s volatile geopolitical landscape brings with it an urgent need for careful consideration in all our dealings. Our consultants who have advised ministers, ambassadors and diplomats on public policy, media strategy and public campaigns are well positioned to help our clients formulate the best strategies, make the right choices and help them becomes thought leaders among their peers. 

With our leadership including editors, journalists and media personalities, our Media Advisory is in a class of its own. What better advice could you hope for than guidance and counsel from veterans from within the media industry itself? 

With the world as it stands today where everything is online, our digital-first strategies only make perfect sense. As a firm of the future, we offer a comprehensive Digital + Online strategy that takes into account social media, online, the digital media and digital marketing among many other services. 

An organisation’s brand strategy is the most important part of a firm’s identity. At E+H we not only help you curate your brand but we also help you position it in line with your organisation’s long term goals.

With climate action on top of almost every government’s agenda today, a sound ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) strategy has never been more critical.

Our current generations don’t only regard well managed ESG as a sign of an organisation’s level of responsibility and sustainability goals but also judge its leadership’s conscience and ability to make good business decisions based on ESG principles.

In a world where globalisation and multiculturalism is the new normal, DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) is no longer a choice but a requirement.

The global DEI principles tie in perfectly with E+H’s own values of Truth, Freedom and Fairness and all our work is informed by them. 

At E+H, our approach to issues and crises are unlike any other. We believe that while everything cannot be 100% controlled, we can however 100% control some things. And our unique ‘conscience strategies’ are key in implementing our methods of not only prepping for a storm but also mitigation it. 

Our carefully thought out and consciously responsible long term strategies help us help our clients to build trust and credibility for the future. 

We not only advise our clients on strategic event participation, but also curate and manage events across a variety of sectors. 

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