Creativity is the
art of the divine.

Creativity is the art of the divine.

Creativity too has a conscience. Via meticulous research and data-driven analysis, E+H offers customised creative content to meet the unique needs of each client. Even though creative, our approach is grounded in the scientific principles of accuracy and objectivity, ensuring that the credibility of our clients and their reputations are always top priority.

From our creative strategies and solutions to our designs and video productions, our creative principles strike a perfect balance with our values and ethics. 

As Yoda once said, ‘wholesome, our creative strategy, is.’ From market research, brand analysis and campaign planning to creative concept development, media planning and budgeting and resource allocation, we ensure all our bases are aptly covered and whole. 

Your brand is your corporate face, your visuality, your identity. And so in order to breath life into it, we create your logo from conception through to launch along with all the trimmings. This incudes logo design, visual identity (colour palettes typography, etc), brand guidelines, packaging design, collateral materials, digital Assets and brand implementation.

Your website is the world’s window into your corporate soul. It is an opportunity for you to put your best foot forward. At E+H we help you do just that.

Our services include everything from UI/UX design, responsive design, wire-framing and prototyping, front-end development, back-end development and content management system (CMS) integration to e-commerce integration, SEO, SEM, testing and quality assurance and website development and management. 

Our suite of services under creative and graphic design practice include digital design, print design, motion graphics, packaging design and environmental design (spaces and signage).

Apart from our own E+H library of creative content, we also offer photography services for our clients across various sectors including architecture, products, events, food, fashion, portraits and editing + retouching.

We produce corporate videos, events coverage, product videos, branded content (for social, etc) and explainer videos.

Photo by Earl Wilcox


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