Even the mighty
epic was once just
a little story.

Even the mighty epic was once just a little story.

At E+H we build trust. Our experienced team of skilled journalists, editors and creatives present compelling, rigorously researched and factual narratives that earn the trust and admiration of audiences and media professionals worldwide. This comprehensive, analytical approach is what enables us to enhance our clients’ credibility, earn trust and minimise potential risks.

Content is Quing. No matter how fantastical everything else is, if you fail at creating top-notch content, you fail overall. With our passionate writers and creatives who eat, sleep and breathe their art, you’re always assured unbeatable storytelling and quality content. 

Strategic communications might be the current buzz word in the market, but at E+H it simply means we’re thinking of the role our collective communications will play in achieving your long-term goals.

From our top-level communications strategy down to the details of how we script your press release, for whom and when and everything else in-between, we consider all aspects when crafting our strategic communications planning.

From top-level media strategies and media relations to one-on-one C-suite media training and workshops, we advise and prepare you to always put your best step forward.

At E+H we love curating events and bringing people together. From press announcements, conferences and exhibitions to private meetings and awards ceremonies, our talented and well-connected events team is able to tailor events for our clients no matter how unique their tastes.

The only task more difficult than building credibility and trust in your brand is maintaining it. An organisation’s reputation takes time and goodwill to build, but only seconds and one bad decision for it all to come crashing down.

At E+H, with our ‘Conscience Strategies,’ we equip you with the right tools to consistently make the best decisions every single time. 

Because we employ our firm’s values of trust, freedom and fairness in everything we do, our clients are naturally shielded from making decisions that could leave them open to future issues and crises.

However, even though we believe in prevention over cure, we fully understand that not everything is within one’s control and that issues and crises could occur, for which we are always prepared.

Photo by Jake Willett


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